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with strategic legal advice and aim at being an integrated part of their business with useful tools and efficient delivery of business value.

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key legal areas

  • Professional legal services on all sides of running your business and acquisitions

    • We have extensive experience with both transaction work and general legal advice within company law, contract law and tax law.

      We are often included as sparring partners for companies and groups in internal company law reorganisations, including demergers and mergers and other equity transactions. We have solid expertise in the implementation of such processes, and if desired, coordinate the process with the accountant and auditor.

      We want to be a good advisor throughout the ownership chain both at company level and for you as a private owner. We hope to be a supporter when the ownership is handed over to the next generation, and can assist you with the implementation.

    • Our team of tax lawyers assists companies with tax advice in connection with transactions and general tax issues in general, including assistance related to dialogue and complaint processes with the tax authorities.

      Our transaction department has extensive experience on the seller and buyer side in commercial real estate transactions, both when selling property directly or when selling through limited companies. As part of the transaction assistance, we are happy to assist in the entire process from bidding and bid acceptance to due diligence within our areas of expertise, and further with contract negotiations and coordination with financial advisers and technical experts. Our settlement department can further assist with the implementation of the financial settlement. We emphasize being a good advisor in the negotiation process, and want to make a positive contribution to achieving a good climate of cooperation.

    • As part of the transaction assistance, we are happy to handle due diligence processes within our areas of expertise, and ensure further coordination in the contract preparation. We also emphasize being a good advisor in negotiation processes, and want to make a positive contribution to achieving a good climate of cooperation.

      We have a dedicated team that assists foreign companies and foreign-owned companies operating in Norway. We also act as leading advisors to several companies involved in major infrastructure projects.

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  • Professional legal services on IT and intellectual property

    • We advise several companies whose core business is technology. Our clients range from early-stage startups to large, well-established tech companies. Our expertise includes:

      • Proprietary, Free and Open Source Software
      • Software Development
      • Cloud Services (SaaS, PaaS and laaS)
      • GDPR, Data Governance, Security and Privacy
      • IPR strategy, Licensing and Technology Transfer
      • Fintech and NFT
  • Professional services for talents and related businesses

    • Music, sports, and entertainment. We have been an active player in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. We have counseled some of Norway’s top artists.

    • We are primarily dedicated to helping young athletes and football players in all aspects of their careers, from contract negotiation to long-term business counseling.

    • E-sport is one of our main focus areas. We have set up a dedicated team and currently assist some of Norway’s major players in this field.

  • Professional legal services related to employment

    • We assist both employers and employees in all aspects of employment law and workplace relations:

      • Individual and Collective Contracts
      • Temporary Employment
      • Employment of Foreign Workers
      • Downsizing and Reorganization
      • Individual Dismissals and Disciplinary Matters
      • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
    • Solvency and restructuring

      We assist in all issues relating to insolvency, restructuring, and bankruptcy. We have significant experience in dealing with the challenges faced by companies, management, board, owners, and creditors in such processes.

    • Businesses with financial problems can restructure to avoid bankruptcy. A company's restructuring will often involve several different measures to find reasonable, long-term, and realistic solutions. We will be there to help you all the way.

    • We are business aviation specialists and have more than 20 years of experience in this field.

    • Our services range from assisting in single aircraft acquisition to acting as in-house legal counsel in all matters concerning your aviation business.

  • Broad experience and competence with complex development projects and construction assignments

    • Development of plots requires facilitation, structuring and organization. Our lawyers will be able to be a supporter and advisor throughout the planning process and the execution phase. We provide advice on appropriate company structure and map and prepare agreements to ensure the distribution of necessary rights and obligations with contractors, landowners, suppliers, the public sector and other contracting parties. We recognize that the legal aspects are important, but that commercial conditions, strategic choices and other considerations can also be just as important. In order to be a good advisor, we are concerned with seeing the big picture.

    • Our dedicated team of construction and tender lawyers has solid expertise with complex construction disputes and construction assignments. We have extensive experience with legal assistance to the parties both in the execution phase and in the final settlement, especially based on Norwegian Standards. We have specialized expertise in advising on the regulations for public tenders and can design procurement strategies, prepare tender documents and other documents, as well as plan and carry out procurement processes. Our lawyers also assist with handling access requests and complaints.

    • Our settlement department has broad experience and expertise with facilitation, preparation of contracts and implementation of the financial settlement in the housing and holiday home market. Our goal is to offer an efficient and seamless process for both buyer and seller.

About us

Our values

ECIT Law was founded through the merger of Arktis Law and Advokatfirmaet Bentzen in 2020. We believe in the idea that a larger team finds better solutions together. ECIT Law will build on a partnership with the IT and business consulting group ECIT.

ECIT is a well-established Nordic group with more than 2.100 employees across 100 locations in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Serbia, Poland, Finland, Lithuania, and Germany.

ECIT Law is present in four locations in Norway. We aim to extend our presence to all major Norwegian cities and other Nordic countries.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership, we would love to talk to you, contact us.

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One of our primary goals is to create a home for great people, legal entrepreneurs, and talented young lawyers with healthy values. We want to make the best environment for nurturing talent and delivering top quality to our dynamic and modern clients.


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to be assured that risk is properly managed by implementing specialized experience and modern methodology in a transparent and participatory way